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Putin is “NOT BLUFFING” about nuclear weapons and a ” World Conflict” in the two months

According to Vladimir Putin, high-ranking personnel from NATO members have made remarks regarding the prospect of “using nuclear weapons of destruction on Russia,” which he characterized as “nuclear blackmail” on the part of the USA and its allies.

“If the territorial sovereignty of our nation is challenged, we will absolutely employ all the tools at our disposal to safeguard Russia and its people,” Putin said.

It’s not a bluff, trust me.

While everything is going on, the President of Serbia has been sounding the alarm about a “Great World Conflict” that he claims will begin within 2 months.

Yesterday, Putin issued the country’s first call to arms since World War II.

In addition, he gave the West a fair warning that he was serious about being prepared to deploy nuclear weapons in the event of an attack.

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