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In retaliation for the whistleblower’s accusations that the FBI exaggerated the threat posed by “domestic extremists” the FBI has taken punitive measures against the individual in question


The bombshell allegations made by FBI Agent Steve Friend and enclosed in a whistleblower complaint that was filed Wednesday Evening with the Justice Department inspector general expose a politicized FBI field office in Washington, DC that was cooking the books to sensationalize the danger of domestic terrorism and employing an “overzealous” January 6 inquiry to taunt conservative Americans and infringe their constitutional rights. The complaint was made by Agent Steve Friend.

After protesting to his superiors about the infractions, a Friend, 37, a renowned 12-year member of the FBI and a veteran of the SWAT team, was reprimanded on Monday, deprived of his pistol and identification, and hauled away from the FBI field office at Daytona Beach, Florida. The friend was a member of the SWAT squad.

Because he refused to take part in SWAT raids that he considered broken FBI policy and constituted an excessive use of force against Jan. 6 victims who were suspected of committing petty charges, he was marked absent without leave and given a warning last month.

This American hero, who is the father of two very young children, has blown to pieces his “dream job” as he could never live with his morals if he continued to be a part of what he perceives as the unfair harassment of conservative Americans. He is an American hero.

When he started his moral objection to participating in a raid on the J6 suspect in the Jacksonville, Florida, region on August 24, he informed his superiors, “I have the oath to support the Constitution.” The raid was conducted on August 24. “I want to be deemed a conscientious objector because I have a moral objection,” you may say.

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