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Practically EVERY Medical Procedure Has Adverse Effects

The more you learn regarding healthcare, the more you come to realize that practically every medical procedure has adverse effects.

Negatives accompany positives when you don’t do things God’s way, which is the natural way—if there are any advantages at all.

Just glance at almost every OTC or prescription medication… Almost always, a list of adverse effects is provided. Why? Because God never intended for these substances to be utilized in this manner. That implies that each time we take a prescription drug, we must consider the risk vs. reward ratio.

While the American public is being told that monkeypox is a virus outbreak that happens naturally, Dr. Mikovits has a different take on this. During the program, she clarified:

“What is the rash on your hands and feet? We’re seeing it every day. You injected it. You crippled the immune system… you injected it years earlier in every polio shot. That’s where you use the Vero monkey kidney cells… “

She continued by emphasizing that the polio vaccine contained monkeypox. So, virtually everyone got AIDS from the shot, which, as she pointed out, is not the Cov-2 vaccine. Monkeypox is the effect of these two injections together, she said. America is Cracking.

Why does the gay community tend to favor this so much?

Could it be that the high prevalence of HIV/AIDS in that population means that people already have compromised immune systems, which these two vaccines then exacerbate?

The key conclusion is that the jab is having considerably wider repercussions than most of us are aware of. There are usually always repercussions when you tamper with God’s creation.

The inevitable result of receiving polio and this vaccine shot is attributed to monkeypox, she said.

Stop tampering with God’s creation and our immune system, please. No more shots in your arm, as Dr. Mikovits often emphasizes.

Simply put, we cannot rely on Big Pharma or government health organizations like the CDC, FDA, or NIH to tell us the TRUTH.

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