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The Oligarchs are Making Preparations – Are you doing the same?

The Oligarchs are Making Preparations for the end of times

Some of the most well-prepared people in the world are those who are extremely affluent, and The Oligarchs are Making Preparations. I am aware that many of you may find that remark to be unusual sounding, but in all honesty, it is true.

The ruling class is well aware that our society is on the verge of complete disintegration, and a good number of them are devoting vast amounts of time, money, and effort to getting ready for the extraordinarily challenging times that are on the horizon.

In other instances, extremely affluent people are shelling out enormous sums of money to purchase opulent underground shelters in the midst of nowhere. These bunkers are typically located in remote areas. In other instances, wealthy people are purchasing in faraway foreign countries that they believe would provide a secure environment for their families.

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When we talk about these people, we are referring to some of the most intelligent and wealthy members of our society. These people are so terrified of what is about to happen that they’ve become completely preoccupied with the idea of saving themselves.

A significant number of these people got to where they are today by constantly remaining one step ahead of everybody else. It is because of this reason that 2,150 business leaders sold stock in their own firms during the month of August alone is so concerning.

Is there something that the majority of us don’t know that they do?

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When the situation starts to get truly dire, it is only natural that the powerful do not want to stay around to watch what happens.

The following information was taken from an article published by the Guardian with the following title: “The super-rich ‘preppers’ hoping to save oneself from the apocalypse…”

Naturally, the great majority of us do not have a lot of spare money lying about to purchase a massive underground bunker.

On the other hand, I can’t say that I blame anybody who has the financial means to purchase one for wanting one.

In the years to come, things are likely to grow even worse than now.

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