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Biden to deploy 31 of its most advanced combat tanks to Ukraine

Following an agreement involving Germany for the transfer of a large number of its Leopard 2 tanks from various locations around Europe, the administration of Joe Biden stated on Wednesday that it would deploy 31 of its most advanced combat tanks to Ukraine.

The choices put an end to months of discussion among Western partners and clear the way for a significant reorganization of the power structure on the Ukrainian battlefields.

After daily calls with European leaders, President Biden stated that the decisions disproved Russian President Vladimir Putin’s belief that the West will indeed eventually grow weary of its commitment to Ukraine and “break up” its coalition. Biden’s comments came after morning conversations with European leaders.

The supply of battle tanks as well as hundreds of other armored vehicles that are also being moved to Ukraine is a precursor to what is reshaping to be ground warfare on a scale that has not been seen in Europe for more than 70 years. NATO was established as a defensive alliance in the aftermath of World War II, and this is a lead-up to what is forming to be ground warfare on this scale.

While the United States and its allies maintain that they have no interest in directly engaging Russia, the recent moves indicate that they are substantially more ready to go to greater lengths in order to assist in the expulsion of Putin’s soldiers.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine 11 months ago, the complexity and lethality of the weaponry that has been delivered to Kyiv have progressively increased. These armaments have progressed from those focused on short-range defense to heavy artillery and precise missiles.

For a long time, Ukraine has been advocating for the delivery of heavy tanks. Recently, however, it has been said that in order to win the war, it would also need the delivery of fighter planes and long-range missiles. Both have been refused by Western nations up to this point.

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