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Pfizer Shares Surge After Launch Of ‘Miracle’ COVID Pill

Thursday was definitely a harsh day for Moderna shares after Pfizer published profit figures and FY direction that dropped market hopes (likely ruining the reputation of investor Steve Weiss at the same time, this guy was Moderna’s most significant marketer on the Stock exchange).

Still, on Friday, Pfizer – Moderna’s greatest competitor – wiped Moderna’s face in it by revealing a brand-new oral COVID antiviral tablet or pill, comparable to Mercks ‘miracle tablet’ that gained approval from UK regulatory authorities just the other day.

The reports sent Pfizer’s stock towering, while Moderna & Merck shares toppled, during the premarket exchange. Pfizer shares were trading up 11%+.

The Experts Are Wrong

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Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Confessed it used Mannequin for COVID Story

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