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More Proof that It’s all a Scam

Here you will find more proof that it’s all a SCAM starting with Jeff Bezos’s 48 million dollars Gulf Stream jet that led the charge of nonpublic or private planes away from the COP26 meeting, so did billionaire Amazon creator who soared 4,442 miles back to Seattle WA.

Jeff Bezos’s 48 million dollars Gulf Stream jet

Numerous exec, state, and federal government airplanes departing the climate seminar the other day were the UAE, and even Bahrain royal family members, delegacies out of Okazaki, japan, India, South America, Israel, Russia, as well as Australia.

Joe Biden’s Air Force 1 DELAYED 6 commercial flights making them burn fuel as they circled around Edinburgh for thirty minutes while hanging around for Sleepy Joe to leave…

Hypocrite airways: Jeff Bezos's £48m gulf stream leads parade of 400  private jets - T-Gate
Joe Biden on Air Force 1

Approximately a dozen personal flights were within the UK – primarily to the city of London – while other poor folks from that meeting headed to well-known resorts for the super-rich like Cannes and Bern, Switzerland.

YES, it is TRUE – The Experts Are Wrong

Observers noted 41 personal jets leave around 2 pm and 11 pm – most of them were leased making it really difficult to recognize who was on board.

Estimations indicate 400 traveled to and from the COP26 summit in total. This has certainly triggered assertions of falsity – especially when the majority of the directions these people are using are pretty much covered by commercial airline companies.

Boris Johnson touched down in Stansted evening hours after making the 400-mile trip out of Glasgow in his Union flag-embossed Airbus A321.

Is the Union Flag on Boris' plane upside down? - ReadSector
Union flag-embossed Airbus A321

The poor man, maybe we should get together and buy him a BIGGER airplane? What do you think?

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