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On January 6th Government Planted Informants among the Oath Keepers

Next week the United States government is holding the trials of several Oath Keepers members who attended the protests in Washington DC on January 5th and January 6th.

The DOJ is hoping to convince a jury that the Oath Keepers were planning an insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6.

Oath Keepers members were working security that day at the Ellipse where President Donald Trump spoke to a million supporters. Several Oath Keepers then walked to the US Capitol where at least two more protests were planned.

Stewart Rhodes, the Oath Keepers’ founder, and the president told all of the members to leave their firearms in their hotel rooms outside of the city.

A handful of Oath Keepers members entered the US Capitol that day where they stood around, picked up trash, spoke with police, and left when they were told to.

Next week, the government starts its trials against the Oath Keepers members they arrested. The trial for Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes starts on Tuesday with jury selection.

On Thursday the US government sent a letter to the attorneys of nine Oath Keepers members:


The US government finally admitted in this letter that they were running Confidential Human Sources inside the Oath Keepers organization on January 6.

The government also notified the attorneys that they are issuing a protective order for the operatives they ran inside the organization on January 6.

On Thursday evening sources notified The Gateway Pundit that the government admitted to defense attorneys that there were government operatives inside the Oath Keepers organization.

From today’s motion, the government seeks to prevent the defense attorneys from asking about any other investigations or operations in the confidential human sources have been involved.

The government also seeks to keep the identity of these confidential human sources private from the American public.

Read the full motion here.

US Government Admits to Confidential Human Sources Infiltrated Oath Keepers on Jan 6 by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Again, the Oath Keepers trials begin next week.

It would be important to know what role the confidential human sources played that day and if they were urging Trump supporters to enter the building.

On Wednesday we spoke with Stewart Rhodes and he told us the DOJ has indicted two of his top witnesses in the past three months and therefore he will not be able to call them as witnesses in his case — Including Kellye SoRelle, his former attorney who traveled with him that week in Washington DC.

From His Prison Cell: Stewart Rhodes Relays that DOJ Indicted His Top Witnesses

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