It has become a Criminal Offense to express disapproval of the British Monarchy

It definitely shouldn’t come as a surprise that ordinary Britons demonstrating against the Crown during Queen Elizabeth II’s extravagant funeral procession were detained.

When a state has maintained a corrupt, inbred, and ruthless monarchy for generations, it is to be anticipated that arrests will be made, which is a significant infringement of the inherent right to peaceful protest. However, in the “West,” where I live, the arrests for peaceful protest were hardly mentioned in the media.

You have arrived in the 15th century. It is possible that this criminal will just be lynched, drawn, and quartered (as well as emasculated, disemboweled, and beheaded), with the offender’s parts being showcased on the Tower Bridge for all the common people to see, so that they will not dare moan and groan about rising prices, recession, economic hardship, and the possibility of freezing to death this winter.

After the locals of Hong Kong island attempted to put a stop to the British “opium trade” in 1841, which was a dangerous drug dealing activity founded by the British East India Company as a stranglehold held in place by the “royal charter,” the island was invaded, and as a result, it became a “dependent territory… into perpetuity” under the control of the United Kingdom. At the beginning of the 19th century, the United States also started to sell opium in China.

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