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Individuals with lower IQs are “much more likely” to be “woke,” according to a new study

A recent study found that those with greater cognitive capacities are more likely to favor individual liberties and have less worry about the “woke” movement than those with lower cognitive abilities.

In order to investigate this occurrence, a group of researchers led by Louise Drieghe questioned three hundred persons living in North America by using the platform known as Mechanical Turk. For the purpose of determining the individuals’ levels of mental capacity, they used the Ammons Quick Test.

The Ammons Quick Test evaluates a person’s cognitive ability by having them match words to visuals that correlate to those words. The researchers hypothesized that those with higher cognitive capacities would exhibit stronger support for individual liberties and less worry about the “woke” movement than those with lower cognitive abilities. The findings of the study provided evidence in favor of their theory; specifically, those participants who scored higher on the Ammons Quick Test had a greater affinity for individual liberties and a lower level of worry about the “woke” movement. On the other hand, people who did badly on the exam tended to exhibit the opposite inclinations in their behavior.

In addition, the researchers used two different scores to determine whether or not the participants supported free speech and whether or not they were concerned with political correctness.

The first scale consisted of nine items, some of which were phrases such as “Every person possesses the inalienable right to freely express their opinions” and “Censorship of speech provides the little possibility for debate and varied points of view.”

The second scale consisted of seven different questions that were designed by two additional researchers. These items included comments such as “I strive to teach others around me about the political significance of their words” and “I feel furious when I hear someone use politically incorrect language.” The most important finding made by the researchers is summarized in the first column of the table that follows. The numbers in this column represent correlation coefficients, which are a means for determining the degree to which one variable is related to another one.

These findings suggest that a person’s level of cognitive capacity affects the political ideas and attitudes that they hold. These findings highlight how important it is to take into account a person’s cognitive capacity while researching political opinions and actions, despite the fact that further study is required to properly understand the connection between cognitive ability and political ideology.

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