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Nearly $65 billion in U.S. assistance to Ukraine

With the current roughly $12 billion plan Congress is trying to negotiate, the total amount of military assistance America will give to Ukraine is set to surpass $65 billion.

The Stockholm Global Peace Research Institute estimates that the Russian Armed Forces’ 2021 budget will be $65.9 billion, making the $65 billion in public funding roughly equal to that amount.

The total amount of taxpayer money spent by the United States in Ukraine is almost equal to the whole amount spent by the United Kingdom on its military, which is $68.4 billion. This is over $10 billion more than the $56.6 billion, $56 billion, and $55.5 billion that France, Germany, and Saudi Arabia spend annually on their armies, respectively.

Breitbart’s Neil Munro pointed out that the sum of American foreign assistance supplied to Ukraine is more than the amount spent on research and development and the purchase of new weapons by the United States Army.

According to Munro, if the government distributed that sum as a tax refund, each taxpayer would get a cheque for around $200.

American assistance to Ukraine was $43.45 billion as of August 18; this included $24.4 billion in military aid, $8.99 billion in humanitarian help, and $10.06 billion in additional financial aid, as reported by the German research Kiel Institute for World Economy. The United States reportedly increased its monthly transfer by almost $10 billion.

The United Kingdom, the next biggest recipient, spends less than one-sixth of what the United States has given to Ukraine. As of the 18th of August, Britain has granted Ukraine a total of $6.35 billion in help, with approximately two-thirds going to military support ($3.93 billion) and the remainder going to humanitarian as well as other financial aid.

Poland and Germany are the only other countries to have given Ukraine exceeding $1 billion in military aid: they have pledged $1.76 billion & $1.17 billion, respectively.

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