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More and more people are adopting an anti-globalization stance which foretells an imminent man-made catastrophe

I’ve seen that when criminals think no one can stop them, they start bragging about their illegal behavior. Actually, many of them can’t help but flaunt their superiority over the rest of us in their narcissism and take full advantage of the situation.

In the previous few years, during the peak of the pandemic chaos, we observed many such occasions from elitists inside globalist organizations.

Some individuals, such as MIT’s globalist professors, proclaimed that we would “never go back to normal” and would have to spend the remainder of our lives with less personal liberties in order to halt the dissemination of covid. Individuals like Klaus Schwab announced the start of the “Great Reset” and the beginning of the “4th Industrial Revolution,” as they called it in Davos. Many political figures, like Joe Biden, have taken to the media spotlight to brand their conservative opponents as “enemies of democracy.”

Yes, I guess I am an adversary of “democracy” if their concept of democracy is medical tyranny, the forced growth of cultural Marxism, government collaboration with corporate monopolies, or the erasing of our country’s basic beliefs.

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The globalists were clearly gloating about their supposed triumph. They believed they had us, plebeians, by the throat and could accomplish their goals with relative ease. The wealthy elites, however, may have started partying a bit too soon, as I have been suggesting since last year.

If the covid agenda’s objective was to impose preexisting rules and limitations throughout North America and Europe, it was an abject failure. Look no farther than China, with its never-ending lockdown cycles and computerized vaccination passports, to see what the globalists’ victory would have looked like. That’s what the ruling class in the West intended, but it didn’t happen. They almost had us, but the expense of forcing millions of people in the United States, Canada, and Europe to comply was too high for them to justify.

To hear Joe Biden tell it, the epidemic is finished. They backed down on the requirements because they realized they would be defeated in a battle.

If spreading panic was supposed to make people line up to obtain mRNA vaccinations, the pandemic anxiety factory failed there, too. The covid vaccinations have a huge control group since there are still numerous places in the globe and several states in the United States where there are substantial unvaccinated populations (40 percent or more, according to government data). In the event that new health issues, such as myocarditis, are repeatedly linked to mRNA vax, the public will be able to pinpoint the reason thanks to this comparison group. Not even close to 100% of globalists were vaccinated. Absolutely not.

They have no way out; the public’s indifference to dictatorship was an underestimated factor. The scale of the insurrection is such that its leaders will be brought to justice.

As an example: The conservative coalition in Italy just won a landslide election, and the country’s first female prime minister, Georgia Meloni, gave a stirring victory speech last week in which she slammed the far-invasion left of the West, globalism, and the toxic collusion with awakened corporations to stifle dissent. What did the mainstream media say in response to her appeal for liberty? They’ve taken to labeling her a “fascist.”

It’s not only the Italian election that shows people are waking up to the dangers posed by globalists, and it’s not simply something that can’t be stopped by globalists.

There is palpable terror among them. Individuals are likely to begin looking for solutions now that anti-globalism has hit the mainstream. Our economic situation has deteriorated for no apparent reason. As to why we’re in a stagflationary crisis, please explain. If inflation is so low, then why are prices for everything going up? If we were battling a virus with an official median Infectious Fatality Rate of just 0.23%, why did we practically give up all of our civil liberties? In the midst of a severe disruption in the supply chain, why are counterproductive carbon regulations being implemented? The actions of politicians and financial institutions seem to be making a bad situation even worse.

A reckoning is being called for by the masses, and it is the globalists whose heads will be cut off as a result. They are responsible for the devastation of the world because of the ideologies they have imposed on the people.

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