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Moscow Attributes Depot Damages to Sabotage

According to the Russian publication Kommersant, black smoke clouds were spotted at a Russian military airfield close to the city of Gvardeyskoye in the middle of Russian-controlled Crimea.

In connection with a recent spate of explosions in Crimea, which Russia occupied in 2014, Ukraine has neither verified nor denied any involvement.

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Inside this satellite photo via Planet Labs PBC, the Crimean Peninsula, the Black Sea peninsula that Russia captured from Ukraine and claimed in March 2014, is seen with its damaged Russian planes at Saki Air Base following an explosion on Aug 9, 2022.

Russia will receive 10% fewer visas from Finland than it currently does, according to Pekka Haavisto, the foreign affairs minister.

According to him, the Finnish foreign office will decrease the number of appointments offered for visa applicants starting on Sept 1. As a result, fewer Russians could receive visas as a result.

Photo by Aljazeera

As stated by the Russian defense department, sabotage wreaked havoc on an army storehouse close to the city of Dzhankoi in northeastern Crimea, as published by the Russian state-run media organization RIA.

Authorities from Crimea reported a large fire at a munitions store nearby late on Tuesday.

According to the military department, the “attack” had harmed civilian buildings, such as an energy supply plant, according to the government media outlet TASS.

A picture of a reported blast in the Crimean town of Mayskoye inside the Dzhankoi region reveals smoke billowing over the scene. [Reuters]

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