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Biden condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

On September 21, Biden condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the Kremlin’s subsequent statement that it would call up several hundred thousand of its military reserve forces.

More UN aid for Ukraine is needed, and the US is “not looking for a new cold war” Joe Biden said.

In his speech to the United Nations General Assembly in York, he said, “Ukraine has the same freedoms that belong to every sovereign country.” We shall take a firm stance in support of Ukraine. Against Russian aggression, we shall act together.

Though the United States is “not looking for a new Cold War” with Russia, Joe Biden brought up Vladimir Putin‘s recent threats to deploy additional soldiers and his veiled threat about nuclear weapons.

Nearly seven months since invading Ukraine, on September 21, Putin announced a partial mobilization of reservists, which apparently triggered some rallies and left some Russians scurrying to book airline tickets away from the country.

Putin reminded the West in a seven-minute broadcast speech that he isn’t kidding about using all at his disposal, including nuclear weapons, to preserve the country. He has previously warned Western nations not to put Russia in a corner and criticized NATO members for arming Ukraine.

Officials have estimated that as many as 300,000 people from the reserve components may be mobilized.

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