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Google BANED Free speachMisleading Medical Claims That Defy Existing Medical ConsensusHead office of Google said that Misleading Medical Claims That Defy Existing Medical Consensus will be BANNED

Apps that are found to include or encourage “misleading medical claims that defy existing medical consensus or (that) potentially cause harm to users” will be banned from the Google Play app store, which is based on the Android mobile operating system and has just introduced stringent new guidelines.

The new “health disinformation” policy that was issued on August 31st by Google Play is an in-app censoring of any and every application that even so much as challenge government health policy about immunizations. This includes the premise that “vaccines can modify one’s DNA.”

Apps that promote “harmful, unapproved medicines,” like Vit C, Vit D, even ivermectin, or just any of a variety of other therapies that the authorities have deemed to be “misinformation,” are another target of Google’s crackdown. (In a related development, Google Surveys are no longer permitted to contain any references to covid vaccines.)

According to Google, “conversion therapy” is another example of a “harmful health practice,” and as such, it is prohibited for any app on Google Play to advocate for or support it in any way. Since the Holy Scripture discusses homosexual activity that is contrary to nature, one must consider if it signifies that Biblical apps are now prohibited because of this.

Someone else jumped in to say that it is evident that the process known as the “Great Reset” is well underway. The issue that needs to be answered is: Will the project be fruitful, or will things take a turn for the better right on the cusp of failure?

Someone else said, “It should come as no surprise that Google’s logo has a concealed 666.”

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