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Taiwan Installed Anti-Drone Taiwan On Offshore Islands

Anti-Drone Weapons Now in Taiwan shores

Why Taiwan Installed Anti-Drone Weapons? This decision was made in response to a series of events involving unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) suspected to have originated in mainland China.

On Friday, the Taiwanese military made the announcement that anti-drone weaponry would be sent to the nearby islands of Kinmen & Matsu in response to a number of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) invasions that were purportedly launched out from the Chinese mainland.

The groupings of islands known as Kinmen and Matsu can be found in the Taiwan Strait. Although governed by Taipei, these islands are physically closer to the mainland of China.

According to the Taiwanese military, members of the armed forces have been provided with anti-drone rifles as elements of a flexible response to impending threats.

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Taiwan Installed Anti-Drone Weapons – Taiwanese soldier brandishing an anti-drone fun. © ROC The Ministry of Defense

This week, Taiwan has accused China of deploying drones into its territory in an effort to “undermine peace and stability.” Taiwan has reported many incursions by drones.

Early Thursday, another UAV was brought down by enemy fire in the area around the islands of Kinmen. According to Taipei, live shots were directed at the “civilian” drone after it disregarded a number of warnings that had been issued.

The White House gave its approval for the sale of more than $1.1 billion worth of weaponry to Taiwan earlier this week, which caused more angry reactions from China. China stated that the agreement violated its independence and sent the “wrong signals” to “separatist troops” on the island.

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