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Foolproof Method for Determining Who Was Vaccinated

Determining Who Was Vaccinated

There is currently no foolproof method for determining who was vaccinated against covid and who was wise and courageous enough to simply refuse to take experimental gene-modification medications. This is the case since there is no way to distinguish between the two groups.

However, this is about to change soon because the Classification of Diseases (ICD) is going to be adding a brand-new medical code for those who have not been vaccinated.

The new digital diagnostic code will be used by (WHO) as a form of scarlet letter targeting purebloods, who are seen as a danger to the system and have received clearance from the United States.

Once everything is in place, the medical records of an unvaccinated person will be marked with a code known as a “yellow star wristband,” which indicates that the individual refused to receive the spike proteins, graphite, and any other poisons that may be included inside the vials.

The majority of individuals have some level of familiarity with global codes in relation to medical billing.

This unvaccinated code, on the other hand, serves more as a branding tool that lets the medical world know who has DNA created in the image of the Heavenly Father as compared to damaged DNA produced in the image of Pfizer or Moderna. It does this by letting the medical world know who still possesses the former.

According to the information provided by Technocracy. news, “This system was first designed during World War II with the intention of monitoring the diagnosis of significant illnesses within a community.”

“However, throughout the course of the years, there has been a total of 11 significant updates, and with each iteration, the data that is being gathered about each person has gotten more accurate and comprehensive.”

ICD coding “truly evolved into a beast of computerized data mining” once the Affordable Care Act was passed into law.

On the WHO website, it is said that there are around 1.6 million distinct clinical scenarios that may currently be coded. And if physicians and other healthcare professionals don’t utilize these codes, they run the danger of not having their services compensated by insurance providers for the work they accomplish.

In other words, compliance is required, and those who do not follow the rules will face severe consequences. This portends ill for those who choose not to be vaccinated, since they may be subjected to prejudice if they try to get medical treatment.

Before the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA), often known as Obamacare, was passed into law by Washington in 2012, this ICD system was considered to be largely harmless. However, after the year 2012, it “truly evolved into an electronic information beast,” according to the findings of Technocracy. news.

“After two delays in 2016 caused by Congress, the digitalization of medical records was finally completed with the conversion to ICD-10… Since then, a numerical code has been devised for practically every diagnosis that can be conceived of, as well as those that cannot even be conceived of.

Code Z28.310 has become operational as of the month of October 2022. It is an indication that the patient has not been vaccinated, which enables medical experts all across the world to probe into information that was previously considered private.

According to the additional explanation provided by Technocracy. news, “This is the information your doctor will record into the computer network that is accessible by government and commercial health insurers alerting everyone of your Covid vaccination status.”

“These are codes that are recognized globally for extremely specific medical disorders that are used for the purposes of insurance and the government. If you are traveling internationally and have a medical condition that requires treatment, you can get access to them anywhere in the globe.

It is important to keep in mind that a medical provider runs the risk of not being paid by either Medicare or Medicaid if they fail to include this code on their medical bills. To put it another way, omitting to inform the federal government about a patient’s covid status is now a certain way to end a successful career in the medical field.

Dr. Zev Zelenko claims that all of this is being done in order to usher in a brand-new medical-industrial-biomedical complex, the goal of which is to ensure that everyone is “up to date” on their vaccinations. It will also be utilized as a “gateway to transhumanism” when, in the years to come, an increasing number of DNA-modification injections that are comparable to covid “vaccines” make their way into the market.

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