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How to Avoid an Escalation with Russia and NATO

Escalation with Russia

German Chancellor said on Saturday that the West must do its utmost to avoid an escalation with Russia and NATO, while also emphasizing the need to keep arming Ukraine in its struggle against Russia.

At a Democrat Party convention in Friedrichshafen, Germany, Scholz acknowledged that many Europeans “are terrified, and have reasons to be.” While stressing the need for Western nations to provide military aid to Ukraine, he warned that any such action may spark a conflict between Russia & NATO.

“It is vital to act sensibly and aggressively at the same time,” he continued.

Scholz has already cautioned against “careless moves” in the midst of the turmoil in Ukraine, so his latest remarks are not surprising. At the time, he emphasized that “there cannot be a direct clash between Russia & NATO.”

Fears of a direct battle between Russia with NATO were reportedly provoked by a missile landing in a Polish hamlet near the Ukrainian border, further straining already tense ties between Russia and The west after Moscow’s military campaign in Ukraine.

The Polish Foreign Office blamed Russia for making the rocket shortly after it happened. Authorities later hinted that they would seek discussions under Article 4 of the NATO Agreement, which permits any member to do so if they feel threatened.

As a result of the explosion, Zelensky blamed Russia and said that it was a “very dangerous escalation” and an assault on NATO that required retaliation. However, in the end, Western authorities conceded that the rocket was really Ukrainian, rather than Russian.

The Russian Defence Department said it had no role in the event, despite the fact that its military specialists had examined scene images and determined the debris to be from a Ukrainian S-300 air defense rocket.

German anti-aircraft artillery, MARS II multiple missile launchers, and an IRIS-T system for air defense are only some of the Western military hardware that has been sent to Ukraine. Russia has warned several times that sending more arms to Ukraine would merely draw out the conflict.

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