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Methods to Intercept those who push for Health Freedom

push for Health Freedom control

Have the intelligence agencies of the West devised methods to intercept the plans of those who push for health freedom and so prevent them from taking significant action?

The available evidence seems to go in that direction.

According to an article written by Matthew Crawford and published in his “Rounding the Earth Newsletter,” he references to research on the activity of the human brain that reveals the brain records judgments in the seconds before they are really made.

According to this hypothesis, if the space of time that exists between the 2 events can be used to one’s advantage, choices that would have been taken otherwise may be influenced and prevented from happening.

How does something like this relate to the struggle for health freedom?

It is quite possible that individuals referred to as “chaos agents” or “controlled opposition” infiltrators are hiding in plain sight inside health freedom organizations and carrying out the aforementioned activity, which is to manipulate actual health freedom fighters to become ineffectual.

According to Crawford has said, “I would define a Chaos Agent like a specific sort of controlled resistance that acts with a certain psychology in mind.” “And their techniques are most fitting (and frustrating) in the age of Fifth-Generation Warfare.” (Related: For more on the controversy surrounding the documentary “Died Suddenly” and the allegations that Russian agents may have been involved in its production, see our previous coverage.)

Crawford describes the following 5 things as some of the ways chaos agents inhibit spontaneous, popular movements from starting to take shape:

Put on the guise of an organizer so that you may later take over and undermine the movement.
Plant seeds of uncertainty and anarchy all around while spreading false information, misinformation, and even misinformation.

Formulate terrible plans and concepts while failing to accomplish one’s own portion of the agreed-upon tasks.

Set group organizers ablaze and incite conflict with one another in order to thwart their efforts and render them less successful in their battle against oppression.

Steal money from the organization and then use it in a covert manner to support your own activities.
Organizing on a local level helps reduce the potential for disruption caused by agents of disorder in virtual settings.

It is quite simple for chaos agent spies to silently sneak in and start applying these and other methods of manipulation since the majority of organizing that takes place in this day and age takes place digitally and is frequently anonymous. This is the reason Crawford advocates attempting to organize further locally.

Even if chaos agent infiltrators are still capable of doing the same things as in real life, at least now when they meet face to face, everyone has a name and a face to go along with their identity. Participating in in-person brainstorming sessions helps to reduce the likelihood that an agent of chaos would slip in unnoticed.

“The management that emerges is often well-understood by their group, with a common background,” Crawford adds. “They have to look people they are working on behalf of in the eye every day.”

Being discriminating is also a lot simpler to accomplish in person since one can better determine the character of the other members, such as whether or not they seem honest and whether or not they engage in eye contact when they are conversing. There’s no way to tell if a person you are interacting with online is human or a bot since there is no method for confirming their identity.

“Understand that even smaller media sources could possibly be pre-organized machines in a global civil war,” says Crawford. “This is something you need to keep in mind.”

“Ask yourself what you completely understand and what you don’t, and maintain an open mind to fresh knowledge. We are being played for fools by a variety of psychological operations, which makes it more difficult than it has ever been to put proxy trust into practice with high fidelity.

If you are interested in this subject matter, it is in your best interest to listen to Crawford’s three-hour presentation that he just published on chaotic agents.

An additional viewpoint on the matter was provided by a commenter who said, “Maybe it’s important to add to the ways that a chaos agent works that they would be keen on dishing out black pills: generate the illusion of so much dread that all resistance becomes pointless.”

Even those of us who are most spiritually inclined might have our hope sucked away by this pessimistic viewpoint.

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