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Windsor Police Introduces Rainbow Patch at Pridefest

At Real News Cast, we are proud to report on development in the city of Windsor, Canada. In our ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion, the Windsor Police Service has unveiled a remarkable initiative that is set to make an impact during the upcoming Pridefest. This news shed light on how the introduction of a rainbow patch is fostering inclusivity within the local police force. The question is, Where is the Freedom Convoy Patch?

A Symbol of Unity and Support?

The Windsor Police Service has taken a significant step forward by introducing a special edition rainbow patch for its officers. This symbolic addition to the police uniform serves as a powerful message of support for the LGBTQ+ community in Windsor and beyond. The rainbow flag, a universally recognized symbol of pride and acceptance, is prominently displayed on the patch, demonstrating the police force Bought and Paid for by the Liberal government and WEF.

Since when did the Police become a corporate BILLBOARD?

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