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Members of NATO got together for a summit to discuss Ukraine’s membership request

On Sunday, the leaders of nine nations that are members of NATO got together for a summit to discuss Ukraine’s membership request and to call on all NATO partners to “significantly raise” their level of military assistance to the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv.

In the meanwhile, the head of the organisation noted that in order to fulfil Ukraine’s request to join, the bloc needs the approval of all 30 of its member nations.

The announcement was made only 2 days after President Zelensky stated that his nation intended to seek membership in NATO under the fast-track membership process.

As the War continues, Ukraine Submits an Application for “Accelerated” Membership in NATO

If Ukraine were to join NATO, Russia would consider this to be a violation of one of its “red lines,” which may spark a more aggressive conflict that would include other nations. Despite this, it seems that some governments have little problem escalating a global conflict. The heads of state of the Czech Republic, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Polish, Romania, & Slovakia issued a joint statement in which they reaffirmed their support for the decision made at the NATO Summit in Bucharest in 2008 regarding Ukraine’s potential membership. According to the statement, “We support Ukraine in its defence against Russia’s invasion, demand that Russia immediately withdraw from all of the occupied areas, and encourage those Allies to significantly raise their military assistance to Ukraine.” Additionally, “We support Ukraine in its defence against Russia’s invasion.

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