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After having threatened to shut down the Nordstream pipeline due to Ukraine’s aggression, Putin points the finger of responsibility straight at Biden for the sabotage

When a video emerged showing Joe Biden as well as other U.S. officials vowing to knock down the Nordstream one and two natural gas pipelines if Russia attacked Ukraine, Putin made it quite clear he blames the US for the sabotage.

Critics have warned that the unprecedented strike on another country’s essential infrastructure may speed the start of World War III, which is why Putin made his comments last week.

They’re wrecking Europe’s power grid…” “It’s quite evident who profits,” Putin was reported as adding. As the saying goes, “It’s plain to everybody who did it.”

The Western elite’s tyranny is an attack on all societies, including Western citizens.

This presents a test for everyone.

Putin continued, echoing a recurring theme, by rejecting what he rightly sees as the West’s ridiculous attempts to impose “LGBTQ” gender ideology on Russia, which he rightly deems a danger to Russian society. This would mean the complete negation of the person, the ousting of religion as well as traditional family values as the trouncing of liberty is now to look much like the opposite of religion — open Satanism.

As someone who has listened to many Putin addresses over the last decade and a half, I can say with confidence that this may be the most anti-American one I have ever heard. One observer tweeted, “Whether I was indeed a western policymaker worrying if he’d truly use nuclear weapons – and he hasn’t even got to them yet – I’d be quite frightened.”

According to the Moscow Times:

After saying earlier this week that he “wasn’t kidding” about using “whatever measures necessary” in Ukraine, he has now gone further and criticized the United States’ use of nuclear weapons in the past.

Putin said that only the United States has ever utilized nuclear weapons. The phrase “setting a standard” comes to mind.

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