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McCarthy loses the vote for speaker in a marathon session

After a boisterous first day of the new Congress, Republicans retired in disarray Tuesday night after failing to elect the leader of the party Kevin McCarthy as the next speaker of the House. They hope to recover from McCarthy’s historic setback on Wednesday.

The House of Representatives adjourns after a protracted vote in which McCarthy ultimately fails to become speaker.

McCarthy, who pledged to battle to the finish to seize the gavel despite resistance from the chamber’s top conservative members, had his lengthy and chaotic first-day end abruptly, proving there is no simple road forward. McCarthy needed 218 votes in the whole House to win, but he only garnered 203 in the first two rounds (fewer than Democrat Hakeem Jeffries in the GOP-controlled house) and 202 in the third.

As evening descended on the new House majority, tensions escalated and work came to a standstill. A resumption of the House session was set for Wednesday at noon.

Rep. Bob Good (R-Va.) was one of the holdouts who said, “Kevin McCarthy is not destined to be a speaker.”

McCarthy had vowed to engage in a “fight on the floor” for as long as necessary in order to win over Republican members of the party’s right-wing who were refusing to vote for him. After becoming the first party’s candidate for House speaker in 100 years to lose the gavel with his group in the majority, it was unclear how the troubled GOP leader would recover.

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