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Landmark Study Reveals: Most Children Naturally Resolve Gender Confusion

A groundbreaking investigation spanning 15 years has yielded compelling evidence that the vast majority of children grappling with gender dysphoria ultimately outgrow it, embracing the gender they were assigned at birth.

Unveiling the Study

Conducted in the Netherlands by scholars from the University of Groningen, this landmark research enlisted over 2,700 participants, meticulously tracking them from the tender age of 11 well into their mid-twenties.

Shedding Light on the Findings

According to reports from The Daily Mail, at regular intervals over the study’s duration, the participants were surveyed about their perceptions of their gender identity.

At the study’s onset, approximately 11 percent of the children expressed feelings of ‘gender non-contentedness.’ However, by the age of 25, this figure dramatically dwindled to just 4 percent. Notably, only a mere 2 percent reported feeling more discontent with their gender as they matured.

Navigating Controversies

The study’s publication in the prestigious journal Archives of Sexual Behavior comes amid fervent debates surrounding interventions such as puberty blockers and gender reassignment surgeries for children.

The researchers underscored the significance of their findings, emphasizing that doubts about one’s gender identity during adolescence are commonplace and often transient. Such revelations, they argue, could provide solace and reassurance to teenagers grappling with identity issues.

Insights from Experts

Patrick Brown, a fellow at the conservative Ethics and Public Policy Center, weighed in on the study’s implications, urging caution in adopting aggressive measures for gender transition in youth. He emphasized the importance of prudence over hastiness, particularly in light of the study’s revelations about the natural evolution of gender identity.

A Snapshot of Current Trends

In parallel with the study’s findings, recent reports from health data analytics firm Definitive Healthcare have highlighted a significant uptick in gender dysphoria cases across various age groups and states in the United States. This surge has coincided with a notable increase in transgender surgeries and gender-affirming care.


The comprehensive study underscores the fluidity of gender identity during adolescence and the natural propensity for most individuals to reconcile any initial feelings of discord with their assigned gender. As societal conversations surrounding gender continue to evolve, this research serves as a poignant reminder of the complexity and variability of human identity.

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