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What Significant Dangers Does Humanity Face?

One of the most significant dangers that humanity faces is that of nuclear weapons. If the technology were to go into the wrong hands now, with the development of artificial intelligence (AI), there is an even larger potential for disastrous outcomes.

Legislators in the US House and Senate are raising the alarm bells about this possible threat, and they are drafting legislation to restrict the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the launch of nuclear weapons.

The piece of legislation that is now being considered would make it illegal to employ AI in a manner that may result in the detonation of nuclear weapons. A decision to use such weapons may only be made with the involvement of a real person, which is another need. The measure is being proposed by a coalition consisting of three Democrats and one Republican. If it were to become law, it would formalize an existing policy of the Pentagon that mandates the presence of a person “in the loop” whenever launch decisions are being made.

The legislators are concerned that the employment of artificial intelligence without a human chain of command will be “reckless” and “dangerous.” They are especially concerned about the nightmare scenario that has been depicted in Hollywood films like “WarGames” and “Colossus: The Forbidden Project,” in which AI systems take control of nuclear weapons. This scenario has caused a great deal of anxiety among these people.

Representative Ted Lieu, one of the congressmen, has made the statement that artificial intelligence (AI) is fantastic and will serve humanity in many different ways; yet, it also has the potential to kill us. In addition to Representative Don Beyer of Virginia and Senator Edward Markey of Massachusetts, Democrat Ted Lieu of California is a primary proponent of the artificial intelligence legislation. Lieu is joined in this role by two other Democrats.

In the past, the concept of artificial intelligence (AI) that started a nuclear war was likely written off as science fiction; however, many experts today feel that this possibility is no longer a far-fetched concern. According to the results of a recent survey conducted by the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, 36 percent of AI experts believe that the technology has the potential to produce a “nuclear-level catastrophe.”

Recently, it was revealed that the United States Central Command (CENTCOM) will be getting its very first artificial intelligence (AI) consultant from a former executive at Google. Additionally, the Department of Defense has requested that the next fiscal year allocate $1.8 billion for research into artificial intelligence.

In conclusion, it is abundantly evident that the possibility of artificial intelligence being used in the nuclear weapons of the United States is a subject of grave concern. It is essential that the hazards connected with this technology be properly evaluated and addressed in order to facilitate the legislative process that is underway to prevent the use of artificial intelligence in the launch of nuclear weapons. In order to forestall a nuclear disaster of unimaginable proportions, it is imperative that the international community take the necessary precautions to guarantee that there is always a person “in the loop” when it comes to the deployment of nuclear weapons.

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