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Facilitating Human Trafficking in the United States

Human Trafficking

Ben Bergquam, a Catholic patriot, has accused Catholic Charities in McAllen, Texas of facilitating human trafficking into the United States.

He claims that the organization, which he describes as a “social justice” group connected to efforts by the political left to undermine the United States, has received over $3 billion in funding from the US government for this purpose.

According to Bergquam, cell phone data indicates that 71% of the smuggled immigrants are being delivered to districts represented by Republican congressmen, which he considers a crime.

Child advocate Liz Yore has added to these allegations, stating that Catholic Charities has received $97 million for trafficking “unaccompanied children” in 2022 alone. She cites US Customs and Border data indicating that there have been 266,000 such minors who have entered the country illegally and asserts that they have been placed with sponsors who have not been properly vetted, and may themselves be undocumented immigrants.

Yore warns that sexual predators may target these vulnerable children and that the already overburdened foster care, education, healthcare, and welfare systems in the US will be further strained by the influx of additional minors. She also claims that the government is paying Catholic Charities and other NGOs, such as Lutheran Social Services, large sums of money to provide cover for its actions and evade Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

According to Yore, drug cartels are making $13 billion annually from human trafficking and fentanyl smuggling, a 2500% increase from the profits they made while President Trump was in office. She calls on whistleblowers to expose this alleged scheme to the American public and urges people to pressure their churches to end the exploitation of children.

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