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Well, it seems like the Archer family might have just given the Bidens a run for their money in the global investment game. Who would’ve thought that a podiatrist with a penchant for foot care retail would be juggling international investments alongside curing sore soles? It’s almost like a modern-day twist on “Keeping Up with the Investors.” As the layers of this financial onion continue to unravel, one can’t help but wonder if the next revelation will involve a fund managed by the family dog. Stay tuned, folks, because when it comes to intrigue and ownership stakes, this saga proves that even the most unexpected characters can have a foot in the financial door!

In a startling revelation, legal documents recently uncovered by nonprofit Marco Polo and exclusively obtained by Breitbart News have shed light on Krista Archer’s substantial ten percent ownership stake in BHR Partners, a Chinese-state-backed investment fund. This same fund also holds the interest of Hunter Biden’s attorney, a fact that has raised eyebrows and prompted questions about potential undisclosed connections.

Krista Archer’s Remarkable Stake in BHR Partners

The significance of Krista Archer’s ownership stake becomes apparent when considering her familial ties. Her husband, Devon Archer, stands as a key figure in this narrative. Not only is Devon Archer Hunter Biden’s trusted business confidante, but he also co-founded BHR Partners alongside the president’s son in 2013. This partnership bears ongoing relevance, as the Archer family maintains an active interest in the fund.

Unveiling Potential Discrepancies

The central issue lies in whether Devon Archer accurately disclosed his family’s stake in BHR Partners during investigative proceedings. This revelation could prove crucial in the ongoing congressional inquiry into the Biden family’s affairs. The authenticity of these documents has been confirmed by a reliable source linked to Breitbart News, solidifying their credibility and importance.

Resurfacing of Devon Archer in the News

Recent developments have thrust Devon Archer back into the public spotlight. With his renewed presence, the once-dormant legal documents have regained relevance, prompting a reevaluation of their implications and potential consequences.

The Unanswered Questions

Despite these revelations, both Devon and Krista Archer have remained silent, declining to comment on Mrs. Archer’s ownership stake within BHR Partners, a holding achieved through Ulysses Diversified, Inc. This silence only intensifies the intrigue surrounding their involvement.

Hunter Biden’s Involvement and Revelations

In his recent testimony before investigators, Devon Archer disclosed that Hunter Biden orchestrated more than 20 instances where then-Vice President Joe Biden was engaged in conversations with business associates, aimed at promoting the family’s brand. One such instance involved a significant dinner in China, attended by Jonathan Li, the third co-founder of BHR Partners. However, the official transcript of Archer’s testimony curiously omits any reference to Krista Archer’s stake in the Chinese-state-backed fund.

A Medical Doctor’s Unexpected Ownership

The motivation behind Krista Archer’s sizeable stake remains an enigma. Krista Archer, a distinguished medical doctor, and devoted mother of three, practices podiatry at Northwell Health/Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. Her medical expertise contrasts intriguingly with her financial interests in a major international investment fund.

Documented Transfer and Partnership

Concrete evidence exists in the form of an “Equity Transfer Agreement,” dated March 18, 2017, in which Krista Archer acquired her stake from Devon Archer via Ulysses Diversified, Inc. This legal document, signed by both parties and Eric Schwerin, the “President” of Skaneateles, LLC, further solidifies the connections. The agreement is meticulously crafted in both Mandarin and English, underscoring its importance and international scope.

Maintaining Ownership Through Changing Times

Reinforcing the credibility of Krista Archer’s ownership, a reliable source confirmed that she upholds her ten percent stake in BHR Partners. Additionally, Krista Archer is prominently featured in a 2023 document titled “AMENDED AND RESTATED JOINT VENTURE CONTRACT of BHR PARTNERS (SHANGHAI) EQUITY INVESTMENT FUND MANAGEMENT CO., LTD. A FOREIGN-FUNDED ENTERPRISE.” This document positions her as the managing partner of Ulysses Diversified, Inc., a Delaware corporation established in 2016.

A Deepening Mystery

The intrigue deepens as details emerge, unveiling the intricate web of connections surrounding BHR Partners and its stakeholders. As per a confidential document, Ulysses Diversified, Inc. is slated to subscribe for 10% of the company’s registered capital, totaling RMB3,000,000. This revelation takes on added significance when considering BHR Partners’ substantial holdings, valued at over 22 billion Chinese Yuan.

The Role of Skaneateles, LLC

The role of Skaneateles, LLC, managed by Kevin Morris, adds yet another layer to this complex narrative. Morris, Hunter Biden’s top attorney, oversees Hunter’s stake in BHR Partners, further intertwining the Biden family’s interests with this Chinese-state-backed fund. Public records from Baidu confirm Skaneateles, LLC’s ownership stake, alongside Hunter Biden’s control of the entity until its dissolution in September 2021.

Conclusion: Unraveling a Complex Tale

As this convoluted story unfolds, the true motivations behind Krista Archer’s stake in BHR Partners remain shrouded in mystery. The interconnectedness of key players, legal documents, and international business ventures raises significant questions about transparency and disclosure. The ongoing congressional probe into the Biden family’s connections to BHR Partners continues to shed light on these intricate dealings, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of truth and accountability.

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