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Alex Jones Denied Jury In The Sandy Hook Litigation

Alex Jones is a defendant in three Sandy Hook litigations; he was denied a jury, and he forfeited his claims by default since he failed to provide the information and proof that the court needed. For default judgments, the cases established a precedent. It was never debated or decided whether Jones’ remarks fell under the umbrella of freedom of speech and expression or journalistic rights. It is anticipated that these prosecutions may have a negative impact on alternative journalism that covers freedom of expression concerns.

Whenever the judge approved petitions for default judgment—a remarkably uncommon decision—stating Jones’ team had “shown a willful, contumacious, and unjustifiable disdain for (the) Judge’s authority,” the proceedings unexpectedly took a surprising turn.

The judge determined that Jones & his multimedia firms are legally culpable for the harm done to the family since Jones refused to comply with the judge’s authority.

In the most recent Sandy Hook case, the judge ordered Jones to repay $45.2 million in compensatory damages in addition to $4.1 million in financial damages. Law experts predict that he won’t pay the whole sum since Texas law only allows offenders to be held liable for punitive damages up to $750,000 and twice the sum of “economic damages.”

What happens with him will eventually affect a larger portion of the independent media. They issued a warning that the “new normal” would be to hold independent news organizations accountable for their inaccurate reporting.

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