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Identifying you Based on DNA

Identifying you based on the DNA in your body. Putting Techniques of genetic engineering in the government’s hands officials is the last step in transforming our nation into a surveillance state.

If you had the unfortunate luck to end up leaving your DNA remnants in an area where a crime was committed, you have a file within a federal or state database, even if it is a file without even a name.  The government will know everything about you that they do not already know because they have access to the DNA, YOUR DNA.

This includes your family tree, your lineage, what people look like, your medical history, your propensity to obey commands or to chart your own route, and so on.

A DNA print, after all, can tell you all there is to know about “who we are, where we came from, or who we will be.” In addition to that, it may be utilized to speculate on the outward look of prospective suspects.

It is just a matter of time until the police state’s investigation of offenders broadens to include DNA profiling and a proactive search for felons of the future.

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