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Pre-Planned Rocket Attack that killed 2 Polish Citizens

Planned Rocket Attack

Using what appears to have been a pre-planned rocket attack that killed 2 Polish citizens after it suddenly hit inside his country, a Polish political figure has angrily denounced the rulers of Ukraine for attempting to bully his country and the people of NATO into a burning war with Russia. The attack may have been carried out using a missile that was fired from within Ukraine.

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According to Summit News, Jaroslaw Pakula, a former head of the district council of Lublin, and the chair of the region in which Przewodow, the missile attack site, is located, was a supporter of Ukraine prior to the deadly incident that occurred earlier this week. Przewodow is the location of the missile strike site. However, following the walkout, he clearly said that Warsaw need to give Kyiv a firm message rather than telling residents of both nations “fairy tales.”

“Of course, it is a rocket manufactured in Ukraine. Pakula said on his Facebook page that “of course, it is a provocation mostly on behalf of the Ukrainian government.”

“The rocket could not have been fired 100 kilometers in the opposite way by mistake,” he continued, as reported by the outlet. He then went on to claim that the incident was staged in order to frighten the European Union as well as the United States into supplying more money to Ukraine or sending in troops of their own.

Pakula made this statement after saying that Poland should “no longer put up with this conduct” from Ukraine. He continued, “I encourage you to reassess Poland’s attitude [about] this conflict in the eventuality that the red line was crossed again!”

Regardless of this fact it is now common knowledge that Russia was not responsible for firing the missiles into Poland.

Despite this, the Biden dictatorship continued to blame Moscow, which brought the world dangerously close to starting World War III.

Following the event, a spokesperson for the National Security Council named Adrienne Watson stated that “We have complete confidence in the investigation that the Polish government is conducting of the explosion that occurred near one‘s border of Ukraine, and we salute them for the expert as well as the deliberate way in which they are trying to conduct it.” As we are still in the process of collecting information, we aren’t going to get ahead of the work and will keep in regular contact with our Polish colleagues.

“We have not seen anything that contradicts President Duda’s early judgment that this event was most likely the consequence of a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile that tragically landed in Poland. This is the conclusion that we have reached based on the evidence that we have seen.” As additional material becomes available, we will proceed to evaluate it and disclose our findings in an open and honest manner. Before piling on Russia, she emphasized that “we also will continue to remain in constant contact with the Ukrainians with whatever intelligence they have to fill in the picture.”

“That being said, regardless of what conclusions may ultimately be reached, it is abundantly clear that Russia is ultimately to blame for this tragic incident. Russia is the party that is responsible for launching a barrage of missiles into Ukraine with the specific intention of targeting civilian infrastructure. “We again express our support with the citizens of Ukraine and our regrets for the casualties they sustained in these brutal attacks,” Watson added, adding: “Ukraine had — and continues to have — each right to defend itself.”

This looked like a very tone-deaf and insensitive touch considering that the essence of war is inherently “barbaric.”

In any case, it is irrelevant what really took place since the dictatorship is now requesting an additional $37 billion in funding from the American taxpayers to contribute to the bottomless pit of Ukrainian money.

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