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Joe Rogan is rendered speechless as a result of Tulsi Gabbard’s fear of nuclear conflict: “We Will Likely Wind up in a Third World War and then a Nuclear Holocaust”

During a recent interview, Tulsi Gabbard expressed her concerns to Joe Rogan about the possibility of a nuclear war, which had the podcasting juggernaut speechless.

Gabbard appeared as a guest on the Tuesday episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, only a few hours after revealing that she would be quitting the Democratic party.

“Are you planning to pursue a career in politics as an independent in any capacity?” Rogan asked.

The response from Gabbard was, “I’m never running for anything anymore.” “I am really worried about the very real risk of nuclear war, but no one seems to be talking about it. That nobody is preparing the citizens of the United States of America for.”

Because of the choices that our leaders have taken, the general populace is in a position similar to that of sitting ducks. She said, “If I believed there was a chance that I could stop it and make a difference, and bring us back from the edge of disaster, then yes, I would seriously consider running again.” “My fear is that we don’t know what’s going to happen, and you realize, we don’t know whether it’s going to be too late,” she said. “My concern is that we don’t know what’s going to happen.”

After hearing Gabbard, Rogan found it difficult to articulate his thoughts.

“There is no room for debate in that regard. That’s like — while you’re saying this, I’m like, yes, absolutely,” Rogan remarked. “Well, if you want to get down to it, I wished I had a rebuttal. Is it even possible that this would happen? — Yes, but I don’t think so—this does not have a promising appearance. And I have no notion how many individuals are even cognizant of how near we are to one another.

Gabbard responded by saying that the majority of people are not. “And a significant portion of that is due to the fact that, once again, the media scarcely covers it. But if they do, then they discuss it as if it were a competition between two different missile defense systems, if that makes any sense. They are talking about starting a nuclear war as if it can be won, as though there is some sort of limits to the carnage and misery that it would wreak. “They are talking about starting a nuclear war as if it can be won.”

Rogan and Gabbard both emphasized the unwavering support that the United States government has shown for Ukraine by giving billions of dollars in aid despite Ukraine’s long history of corrupt practices.

“Don’t ask questions. Don’t bother asking where the money is going or how it’s being spent. Do not call into doubt the existence of corruption in Ukraine, which is common knowledge. Don’t bother asking where they plan to use such weapons. Given that the risk of nuclear war is there, “don’t doubt you know what the real-life repercussions are to the national defense as a country and to our future,” Gabbard added.

“What to talk of the immediate financial ramifications we are already experiencing with, you know, petrol prices rising in many locations in the nation, higher hyperinflation, you realize, supply shortages, food shortages,” she continued. “What to speak of the economic consequences we are already suffering with.”

Gabbard made the observation that our nation’s leaders are not actively advocating for a peaceful conclusion to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

“Something is going to have to be given up by Ukraine, and something is going to have to be given up by Russia. That is exactly the process that takes place when one attempts to reach an end to a conflict. You may look at everything that has ever happened. “No one leaves here feeling entirely satisfied,” she remarked.

In a later part of the discussion, Rogan asked Gabbard what she thought would take place in the event that a nuclear war broke out between Russia and the United States.

“I’m going to ask you a challenging question. What do you suppose is going to take place?” Rogan stated.

“If we continue on this road that we have witnessed, where we have watched this conflict continue to increase ever since the invasion took place, then what are we going to accomplish?” “We are going to find ourselves in World War III, which will be followed by a nuclear catastrophe,” Gabbard said plainly.

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