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The Biggest News of the Century just came out, yet hardly anyone seems to care or Notice

If you are a good and credulous customer of lamestream media, you probably take it as a certainty that Russian hackers pose the biggest threat to the human race in the history of mankind. This is because Russian hackers are considered to be the most advanced hacking group in the world.

Or do you mean Chinese computer hackers? Or perhaps those from North Korea? I don’t care, whatsoever. Details, shmetails!

The main idea here is that the danger posed by these mysterious cyber soldiers (whoever they may be) is so severe that no amount of alarmist, sensationalist, end-of-days catastrophism from TV talking heads, Twittering blue checkmarks, and belief tanking deep staters are sufficient to overstate the gravity of the situation.

Absolutely, the Chinese are breaking into the computer networks of our companies in order to acquire all of our trade secrets. What other explanation is there for the fact that the formidable Chinese military makes use of so much reconditioned American technology?

Also, it’s true that the Russians are trying to break into the electricity system. In what other way is it even remotely possible to make sense of the reality that power failures are becoming more frequent in developed nations?

And it should come as no surprise that North Korean hackers are attacking Hollywood. How else can you possibly explain the sheer garbage that is being shoved down people’s throats these days under the guise of “entertainment”?

In point of fact, as we devoted followers of the electronic doyens are well aware of at this point, the situation is considerably direr than that. Hacking into our computer’s mainframes and stealing our sensitive information is no longer enough for these vile cybercriminals; they have moved on to more complex and dangerous targets. No, in this day and age of cyberwarfare, the evil warriors of the internet are now actively engaged in psyops against us. They are actively spreading misinformation, disinformation, and misinformation in order to distort our defenseless minds with factual data that are uncomfy to establishment elitists.

You would think it’d be kind of a big deal when a venerable professional journalism institution like, say, The Washington “Democratic governance Ends up dead in DarknessTM” Post happened to come out with a narrative blithely confessing that the largest army of web propaganda and disinformation soldiers in the entire planet is in fact being fielded by the United States, wouldn’t you, in the middle of all of this hysterical breathlessness about the swarms of cyber warriors attacking If social media firms were deleting the United States military’s false bot armies and the Pentagon was launching a bogus “probe” into the issue to cover their rear, then surely it would be deserving of more than a brief mention in the rear of the newspaper, wouldn’t it?

So, what do you think? That is the precise thing that is being acknowledged at this point, but you probably haven’t heard anything about it, have you?

Let’s put an end to it.

Whether you get your news from traditional outlets or prefer alternative sources, you’ve probably already been made aware of the most serious threat posed by the information that can be found online. In light of the fact that we have just survived three years of the establishment’s frenzy about the fact that normal Joes & Janes (or even Jameses!) had dared to utilize the internet to share the truth about academic, this is very important to keep in mind.

Even before this most recent wave of “COVID misinformation” madness, we’d been hearing for decades that democracies themselves were under assault by mysterious Russian cybersleuths publishing thousands of dollars worth of Jesus memes on Facebook. “Won’t someone think about the selections!?”

Nevertheless, attentive watchers of the mainstream media would have spotted a few fissures in the veneer of this specific propaganda story by this point.

For example, there was the Scary Poppins affair, in which the administration of Joe Biden sought to promote Nina Janckewicz, a well-known misinformation spreader, and censorship proponent, to the position of head of their bone-chillingly called “Disinformation Governance Board.”

Or, there is the seemingly never-ending parade of institution propagandists, disinformation spreaders, and absolute deceivers who are employing their political capital to squeeze for increasingly stringent censorship laws in a brazen attempt to silence individuals who would point out their dishonesty. These people use their political leverage to push for increasingly stringent censorship laws in order to silence those who would point out one‘s dishonesty.

In point of fact, it is getting to the point where it is practically hard for any impartial observer to dispute that the whole establishment’s freak-out about “internet disinformation” is:

a projection by the very same persons inside the system, who are guilty of propagating such disinformation themselves; and

a suitable pretext for silencing their detractors and adversaries.

But lest the fence-straddling normie should continue to be in question about where the true disinformation danger is coming from, that uncertainty has been eliminated now that the most recent scandal has broken through the information barrier put up by the gatekeepers of the MSM.

The exact same parrot repeaters who just spent the last decade ginning up a neo-McCarthyist New Red Wave about ChiCom/Best Korea/Russkie hacks have recently revealed that the largest producer of internet mal-, mis-, and disinformation is…

… (are you prepared for this?)…………..

… the government of the United States!

Surprised? It didn’t seem likely to me.

In particular, a recent article published by our colleagues at the Washington Post reveals that the United States Department of Defense “has ordered a comprehensive audit of how it intends to conduct clandestine psychological warfare after major online companies identified or took offline fake profiles suspected of still being run by the US military in infringement of the platforms’ rules.”

It should come as no surprise that the study is a cover-up. It refers to a report that was published by Graphika and Stanford in the month of August of this past year. This report, which was a welcome change of pace, ended up taking the type of scatter plot malarkey that is used to connect websites such As the Corbett Report to “extremist” channels and to political influence operational processes and instead used that method of analysis to reveal a group of social media accounts that seemed to be suspiciously pro-Western.

“an inter-connected internet of profiles on Twitter, Fb, Instagram, as well as 5 other platforms for social media that had used underhanded tactics to encourage pro-Western narration inside the Middle East and Asia,” according to the research published by Graphika and Stanford University, was discovered by the two institutions’ joint team of investigators. It seemed as if these accounts were participating in “a succession of clandestine operations beyond a period of nearly 5 years instead of 1 consistent operation.” Despite the fact that some of these activities were connected to a United States Special Operations Command internet propaganda effort dubbed the “Trans-Regional Website Initiative” that’s been briefly disclosed a decade earlier, the other accounts were involved in “a series of clandestine initiatives of uncertain provenance.”

The most recent article from the Washington Post tells us that an investigation is now being conducted into the subject because “the White House and certain government agencies” have “raised rising worries about the Defense Department’s attempted influence of audiences abroad.” Even while the US military was not specifically accused of operating or maintaining the infrastructure of “pro-Western” profiles on social media in the initial Graphika/Stanford research, the WaPo’s unidentified sources state that “American Command Structure is one of those whose actions are receiving review.”

Outside researchers discovered a US govt online false news network, the Pentagon is running a phony baloney “independent inquiry” so in order to inevitably reach the conclusion that they didn’t do anything wrong, or the general population is left with the impression that this “debacle” was all about a perfectly legal (though morally questionable) “overseas” propagandistic campaign. Reading between lines, it isn’t challenging to comprehend why The Bezos Article is “reporting” on this story

In the event that we accept it at its stated value, the news will cause many people to shrug their shoulders and move on to the next article. What difference does it make if the United States government created several false accounts on social media in order to, as the Washington Post asserts, “reverse disinfo distributed by China trying to suggest the coronavirus is responsible for COVID-19 has been invented at a U.S. Army research facility in Fort Detrick” or “amplify true information from the United States CDC as well as Prevention about the virus’s origination in China”? What is the big deal here?

The fact that this narrative is a constrained hangout and that we are merely shown the very small top of an impossibly vast iceberg is, of course, the most important thing to know about it.

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