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Massive Win For the Unvaccinated Sportsman

Seventeen unvaccinated athletes won yet another round with their judicial fight to play sports, in spite of Western Michigan University’s requirement that all of its inter-collegiate athletes receive the COVID-19 inoculation.

With a unanimous judgment released on Oct. 7th, the United States Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit in Cincinnati, Ohio, maintained that the educational institution breached the athletes’ 1st Amendment legal rights.

All 17 athletes applied for religious exemptions, that, according to the judge, the educational institution “disregarded or even denied.”

The judge said: “The university put plaintiffs to the choice: Get immunized or put a stop to taking part in sporting activities. By conditioning the privilege of playing sporting activities on plaintiffs’ willingness to discard their genuine religious beliefs, the educational institution burdened their freedom to exercise one’s legal rights.”

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The three-judge board rejected a demand by the educational institution to stay a lesser judge’s initial order that stopped it from implementing the inoculation requirement.

The mandate would have disallowed these athletes from playing in sports, and even practicing with their teams, except if they were inoculated against the CCP virus (Chinese Communist Party virus, also known as COVID-19).

Legal Representative David Kallman, senior attorney with the Great Lakes Justice Center, that represents the sportspersons, informed the Epoch Times: “It’s a great triumph for our clients as well as for religious liberty.”

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