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Joe Biden’s America is in BIG Trouble

Joe Biden’s America is one of the most liberal (and costly) countries. It’s bad enough that people must buy food abroad in order to fully stock their pantries.

Frequent border crossers from California to Tijuana, Mexico, seem to be coming from San Diego. But, they aren’t traveling there to have a good time or to trade in illegal goods.

Alternatively, they are shopping in Mexico for less expensive groceries. Americans travel the 15-minute journey daily to Tijuana for bargains across San Diego towards the border in San Ysidro.

Additionally, a few of these people are traveling longer than 15 – 20 minutes. Consider Gibran Jiménez, he traveled to Tijuana for about two hours.

The father of two children who also has a spouse who is pregnant, “I’ve got to save as much money as I can; every dollar matters.”

Not solely for food. During one latest trip to the White House, the president of Mexico boasted about how much cheaper gas is now as well.

Fuel prices are soaring and that is what hurts us, the working class added Jimenez.

In comparison to Californians, the most costly place in the union for gasoline, it cost $1.24 less to fill with gas in Mexico. As of Thursday, the cost of a gallon of gasoline in Cali was $5.38 on average.

If you believe the cost savings on a gas tank are impressive, consider the cost reductions on even a gallon of milk. It costs half as much in Tijuana as it does in the US, according to NewsNation. Additionally, “a 24-pack of Tylenol is also $1 less,” according to NewsNation, and “a four-pack of toilet tissue is nearly $4 cheaper.”

Taking care of oneself is important if you’re on a tight budget, according to Chula Vista, California resident David McCarty.

In an undisclosed relationship, he crossed into Mexico with Maria McCarty to grab street tacos and take their animals to the veterinarian.

This has been beneficial for Tijuana vendors and supermarkets; at the Mercado Hildago Market, there has been a 20–30% rise in American customers.

But there are restrictions, as NewsNation points out: Be ready to endure long lines at cash out, and at inspections on your trip back home, they warned, even though it seems like your dollars could go further in Mexico.

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