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Nord Stream Natural Gas Pipeline

The destruction of the Nord Stream natural gas pipelines has caused Germany to develop a reliance on liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the United States, which has now become an addiction, according to Andrej Hunko, a member of the German Bundestag. Last year’s pipeline explosions, which were intended to provide low-cost natural gas from Russia, have cost Germany dearly. Hunko told China’s Global Times in an interview on Thursday that this sabotage left Germany with no choice but to use more expensive and environmentally harmful LNG from the US, as they no longer have the option to decide which type of gas is better for them.

Hunko said that prior to the explosion, Germany was under political pressure to determine whether to use gas or not. However, the lack of infrastructure to use natural gas has now left them with no other option. He believes that this is the most significant impact of the explosions.

Previously, Germany had met up to 40% of its gas demand from Russia. However, last year Berlin was able to reduce its reliance on Russian gas by replacing it with LNG from the United States, which Hunko claims is significantly more expensive and less environmentally friendly.

Hunko said that the pipeline explosions were an act of economic warfare targeting not only Germany but the entire EU. He added that the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, which carries natural gas from Russia to Germany, as well as the newly constructed but never used Nord Stream 2 pipeline, were ruptured by underwater bombs in September of last year, rendering them inoperable.

Hunko believes that countries that export gas to Germany, primarily the US, benefit the most from these explosions. This results in not only higher gas prices for Germans but also a problem for German industries.

Before the Ukraine conflict, Germany was already experiencing economic difficulties due to a lack of skilled workers and muted productivity growth. Skyrocketing energy prices have caused significant harm to the economy, which is dependent on low energy prices and exports. Hunko noted that the surging cost of energy and raw materials, as well as the subsequent restraints on investment, are causing some major businesses to leave Germany, as it is no longer as attractive for them to remain.

Hunko argued that economic competition exists between the US, Germany, and Europe, as some businesses have already migrated to the United States.

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