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Republicans to retake control of the House

According to many media organizations that are monitoring the vote count for the midterm elections, it seems that the Republicans seem to be on pace to retake control of the House of Representatives in the United States.

The Republicans and Democrats are in a close race for control of the Senate.

The Associated Press reports that both the Democrats and the Republicans now have 47 seats in the Senate.

Even if members of both parties wind up with 50 votes, Democrats will continue to have control of the Senate since Vp Kamala Harris has the casting vote in the event of a tie.

On November 9th the Civil War among Democrats officially starts

Officials have issued a warning that it may take longer than normal to confirm the results, particularly in states that are considered to be swing states and have contested contests.

By seizing inflation and the skyrocketing price of petrol, the Republicans had planned to achieve a significant win in the form of a “red wave.”

Prior to the day of the election, the analytics website FiveThirtyEight predicted that the Republican Party will prevail in the House of Representatives and had a good chance of establishing a majority in the Senate. The future of the Senate, on the other hand, “appears to be on the edge of a knife,” according to what they stated.

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