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Joe Biden Takes More Vacation Than Any Other President in Recent History

It would appear that Joe Biden takes more vacations than any other president in recent history.

Today marks his return to the White House after spending a week on vacation in South Carolina; he will stay there only long enough to finish packing for his next trip, which will be to Delaware.

Even when Trump worked at Mar-a-Lago on the weekends, the media never stopped trying to make a story out of the fact that he went there. But Joe Biden takes every opportunity he can to visit Delaware, and the media simply shrugs their shoulders about it. Go figure!

And now he’s reached the point where he’s confident enough to take two trips in a row. Related: Jill Biden Had a Positive COVID-19 Test

Mark Knoller, a veteran correspondent for CBS News, did the math earlier this month before Biden left for his vacation in South Carolina. He determined that Biden had visited Delaware a total of ten times.

How many weeks of vacation do you have available to you each year? One? Perhaps two, if you’re really lucky. Despite this, Biden is nearly always out on vacation while the American people continue to struggle under the weight of his unchecked economy.

Why isn’t this being treated as a scandal?

It seems more likely that he started the game hiding in a location that was made public in order to prevent him from quitting the game. You should shuffle the card and then put it at the back of the deck.

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