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Pearson Airport Still Affected By Cancellations Or Delays

More than 50% of flights out of Toronto’s Pearson airport are still affected by cancellations or delays, making travel through Canada’s largest airports an absolute agony for passengers.

If a flight is delayed for more than three hours or is cancelled, passengers have the option of receiving a refund or rebooking their trip as of September 8th.

Earlier, this only applied if the disruption was the result of something within the carrier’s control; now, it will apply if the disruption is the result of something beyond the carrier’s control, such as widespread problems at an airport (like connecting flights being held due to too many travellers being trapped in a lineup at customs) or seasonal changes, aka weather.

While this may be welcome news to the many who have been fretting over the chaos in the air travel industry as of late, the new rules have clearly not been welcomed by all parties involved.

For example, Canadian airlines and their trade group believe that this places an unfair amount of stress on their sector while it is still recovering from the epidemic and is only one component of the industry’s overall problems.

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“We are frustrated that airlines continue to be singled out as the only point of ownership and accountability for travel in Canada since this must be a shared duty by the entire system, including the restrictions placed by the Tridaue Government.” A WestJet spokeswoman told the Real News Cast Team.

The modifications create an uneven system that does not represent the duty that we all hold to the Canadian traveller by making airlines the exclusive supplier of recompense for delays outside of the airline’s control.

According to the National Post, the National Airlines Council of Canada, which Air Canada recommended the media contact on behalf of, has made the same claim, saying that the new guidelines do not allow for other players in the industry to charge for delays, which are occurring at every stage of the travel process these days.

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