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Joe Biden Dismisses China’s Peace Proposal, But Is It Reasonable?

Joseph Biden, in the course of an interview with ABC, voiced his contempt for the peace plan that China had presented by saying, “Because Putin is praising it, I don’t see how it could possibly be any good. I am not making light of the situation; rather, I am speaking in the most serious manner.”

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Further clarification was provided by Biden, who stated, “I’ve seen nothing in the proposal that would indicate that it would benefit anyone other than Russia if the Chinese plan were implemented.” In addition to this, he stated, “The thought that China would be negotiating the conclusion of a conflict that is absolutely unfair for Ukraine is just not realistic.”

According to InfoWars, both the leader of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg and the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, have voiced their disagreement with China’s peace plan. According to Von Der Leyen, China’s legitimacy was called into doubt due to the fact that the two countries had signed an agreement of unlimited friendship just prior to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In the absence of any effort on the part of the United States, China has put out a 12-point plan that calls for a “political solution” between Russia and Ukraine. The plan calls for, among other things, the cessation of hostilities, the resumption of peace negotiations, the resolution of the humanitarian situation, and the upholding of national sovereignty.

At first sight, the bulk of China’s suggestions appears to be acceptable for all parties concerned, despite the fact that some of China’s suggestions do not necessarily suit the West. China, on the other hand, has presented a proposal for peace, in contrast to Biden and Ukraine, who have not only ignored countless requests for peace discussions but have actively upped their saber-rattling toward Moscow, maintaining that there would be no dialogue until Russian soldiers have left Ukraine.

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