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Singapore has become the first country in the world to perform an autopsy (post-mortem) of a COVID body

Singapore has become the first country in the world to perform an autopsy (post-mortem) of a COVID-19 body.

After a thorough investigation, it was discovered that Covid-19 does not exist as a virus, but rather as a bacteria that has been exposed to radiation and causes human death by clotting in the blood.   

It was found that Covid-19 disease causes blood clots, which leads to blood clotting in humans, and causes blood to clot in the veins, making it difficult for a person to breathe; Because the brain, heart and lungs cannot receive oxygen, causing people to die quickly.

To find the cause of the shortage of respiratory power, doctors in Singapore did not listen to WHO protocol and performed an autopsy on COVID-19. After doctors opened and carefully examined the arms, legs, and other parts of the body, they noticed that the blood vessels were dilated and filled with blood clots, which impeded blood flow and also reduced the flow of oxygen in the body causes the death of the patient.

After learning about this research, Singapore’s Ministry of Health immediately changed the Covid-19 treatment protocol and gave aspirin to its positive patients.

” I started taking 100mg and Imromac. As a result, patients began to recover and their health began to improve.”

Singapore’s Ministry of Health evacuated more than 14,000 patients in one day and sent them home.    After a period of scientific discovery, doctors in Singapore explained the method of treatment by saying that the disease was a global hoax, “It is nothing but intravascular coagulation (blood clots) and a method of treatment.   antibiotic tablets   Anti-inflammatory and       Take anticoagulants (aspirin). 

This indicates that the disease can be cured.   According to other Singapore scientists, ventilators and an intensive care unit (ICU) were never needed. Protocols for this purpose have already been published in Singapore.       

China already knows this but has never released its report.     

Share this information with your family, neighbors, acquaintances, friends, and colleagues so that they can shake off the fear of Covid-19 and realize that this is not a virus, but a bacteria that has only been exposed to radiation. Only people with very low immunity should be careful. This radiation also causes inflammation and hypoxia.

Victims should take Asprin-100mg and Apronik or Paracetamol 650mg.

Source: Singapore Ministry of Health

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9 thoughts on “Singapore Performs Autopsy On COVID-19 Body”
  1. As pathetic as it is I would not doubt it at all if this was the truth. As a matter of fact I’m more inclined to believe that it is the truth. Sick and pathetic. We the People, need to stand up and say something!

  2. because the main stream media will NOT tell any of this…it does NOT fit their agenda!!! they are not news reporters anymore…. they are talkingheads who feed you what they want you to know!!

  3. I like the the following quote by C. S. Lewis: When the whole world is running toward a cliff, he who is running in the opposite direction appears to have lost his mind.

    There are many “fact checkers” that claim this story is false. Simply because all the fact checkers saying this story is false, still doesn’t make it so. It would seem, then, that the fact checkers are the ones who are running headlong to the cliff, and by whose leading or demand or edict?

    There are enough holes in the whole covid narrative that a Boeing 767 could fly through that gives this more credence.

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