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Jabbed Doctors Dropping Like Flies

Canadian ICU is being walloped

The AMA Association disclosed that 96% of American doctors that were jabbed in June are now dropping like flies. Despite a 20-point inaccuracy taking into account, saline/placebo Jabs, as well as exemptions, a huge bulk of medical professionals, have actually gotten the jab. Some say that “It’s just fair considering that medical doctors pitch the shots” to their unsuspecting, uncritical fanatics that worship the white-colored coats. Has anyone EVER heard of second opinions?

Vaccinations are the primary reason for incidents. Most of us understand this. Still, anyone can, and should research keyword phrases such as “died suddenly” and “died unexpectedly” on Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and so on and find limitless reports such as I did below. (Take a look at the links on this page). Booster injection began on September 22nd. This might likewise be an accident or coincidence, you decide. Let us continue. Nevertheless, every one of the following physicians passed away on Oct 13th or soon after taking the so-called “TOTALLY SAFE” JAB according to EVERY corrupt politician.

Did you know that they actually did this to kids? Foster Kid Force-Fed HIV Drugs Poisonous to Adults

Or this woman who winds up in a Wheelchair after taking the Shot. These are HORRIFIC facts, this information alone should make ANYONE rethink what is actually happening.

I can include 100 physicians in this story, assuming that time allowed. Every one of these has taken place in the past 4 weeks. The youngest is actually 32. The oldest is 59. One such post touches on this in detail here. Another here. THE Gold Coast’s medical published this interesting story here.

I can go ON and ON, but you get the drift… We are being LIED to folks, things are getting worse with this shot, and we can’t even get the corrupt politicians to set up fair debates regarding the C…V…19…SHOTS. That alone is a RED flag, look, do what you must to protect yourself and your family. Make a Choice, however, I suggest doing some MAJOR research prior to allowing your youngsters to get this UNTESTED, UNPROVEN EXPERIMENTAL SHOT.

Take a quick look at this article Before Consenting to Immunize your Kids, it will just take a minute and could change your life.

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  1. Then start. A Violent. Protest. Your voice will be ignore easily just for shouting messages. Corporate media cucks can’t ignore a violent protest/riot as easily as they can a peaceful protest.

  2. The energy in our world today is very depressing and heavy. I think many people have just tuned out and have gone within to seek solace. It is pretty much all we have left 😪

    1. In some ways, I do agree, but I think most are getting a kick out of being told what to do, and the government paying them to STAY home is NOT helping us any…

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