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Worship at the Chapel of Climate Change

Chapel of Climate Change

The left-of-center government in Germany, along with the majority of European governments, has long since begun to worship at the Chapel of Climate Change, forsaking fossil fuels that are inexpensive and reliable in favor of “green renewable” energy sources that are shaky, unreliable, and imminently more expensive, primarily wind and solar power.

Having said that, the nation has not really weaned itself off of the use of fossil fuels. Instead, in a ridiculously elaborate plan of moral posturing, Germany has recently opted to purchase the majority of its oil and gas as well as other coal and oil energy from Russia, which is ironic given that Germany is a member of NATO and is meant to be protecting the continent from Russia.

In a speech that went down in history, then-President Donald Trump gave a warning to the nation in September 2018 while he was still in office at the United Nations. He said the following: “Germany will become entirely reliant on Russian gas if it does not quickly alter direction.” We, the people who live in the Western World, are dedicated to protecting our sovereignty against the aggressive incursion of powerful nations located elsewhere in the world.

The prediction made by Trump elicited smirks and chuckles from the German officials who were there at the time. Since then, he has been shown to be correct — once more.

As a result of the European Union’s sanctions imposed in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, construction on the Nord Stream Two pipeline, which Germany and Russia had been working together to construct, came to a halt. Additionally, Germany is no longer receiving gas imports from Russia. As a result, the most important economy in Europe is on the verge of collapsing because it does not have sufficient local or alternative supplies of the fossil fuels that are required to power its businesses.

According to, the administration in Berlin has decided to remove a wind turbine so that it may establish a coal mine. This comes after it looks like Germany has learned a harsh lesson and is going full circle on its own energy output.

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