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It takes a specific type of wickedness to prostitute & traffick a kid for sex

It takes a specific type of wickedness to prostitute & traffick a kid for sex, yet this evil is all around us each minute of the day. Prostitution and child trafficking are both forms of sexual exploitation.

Take this into consideration: every 2 minutes, a kid is purchased and sold for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

As often as 20 times a day, hundreds of young boys and girls, some of whom are as young as 9 years old, are purchased and sold for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

Only in the U. S. are there an estimated 2.5 million instances each year of adults purchasing youngsters for the purpose of sexual activity.

It is believed that 7,200 males in the state of Georgia alone attempt to buy sex with young girls each month, with around 300 of them doing so on a daily basis. Half of these men are in their 30s.

During a period of five years, there is a potential for 6,000 males to sexually assault a kid on average.

It is estimated that anywhere from 100,000 to 500,000 children, both boys, and girls, are sold and bought for sex in the United States each year, with as many as 300,000 children being at risk of being trafficked every year. The majority of these children are bought and sold in states where there is little or no regulation of the trade. Some of these kids are taken from their homes against their will, while others are considered runaways, and yet others are sold into the network by family members or friends.

In the United States, the raping of children has become a lucrative business.

This is not an issue that is exclusive to large urban areas.

It is occurring all over the place, right in front of our eyes, in the suburbs, cities, and villages all around the United States.

“The only way not to discover this in any American city is to simply not seek for it,” says Ernie Allen of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. “The only way to not find it in any American city is to look for it.”

In the same way that the heart of darkness in the American police state is the source of a great deal of the evil that exists in our midst, sexual exploitation (as well as the sexualization of youngsters) is a cultural sickness that has its origins in that darkness. It speaks to a vile, pervasive corruption that reaches from the highest seats of power (existing corporate governance) down to the most concealed corners and relies on our silence or our complicity to turn a blind eye to wrongdoing. It stretches from the greatest seats of power (governmental and corporate) down to the most hidden corners.

The amount of youngsters who are in danger of being trafficked or who have already been sold into the sex trade is believed to be sufficient to fill 1300 school buses.

The internet has emerged as the principal channel through which sexual predators pursue and purchase young children for the purpose of sexual exploitation. “Sexual advances are made toward one out of every five children who are using the internet, mostly via gaming sites and other kinds of social media. According to researcher Brian Ulicny, “and such, non-contact focused venues of sexual exploitation are rising.”

It’s not only young girls that are at risk, though. There are plenty of other people, too.

An investigation that was conducted by USA Today found that “boys make up roughly 36% of minors caught up in the U.S. sex business” (while about 60% of the children involved are female and fewer than 5% are transgender men and females).

Every year, the ages of the girls and boys who are purchased and sold get younger and younger. This includes both girls and boys.

13 years old is the median age of victims of human trafficking. However, in the words of the leader of an organization that works to end human trafficking: “Let’s think about what average implies. This indicates that there are youngsters that are less than 13 years old. That refers to children aged eight, nine, and ten.

A victim of human trafficking who is 25 years old said that the people who are being exploited are youngsters as young as 13. “They’re only tiny girls,” you say.

This is the shady little secret that America has been keeping.

But who or what is behind this heinous need for the flesh of young animals? Who is it that would pay for a youngster to have sex with them?

Other than that, they are regular guys from a variety of backgrounds. Journalist Tim Swarens, who spent more than a year studying the sex trade in the United States, writes: “They may be your co-worker, doctor, pastor, or husband.” Swarens’s investigation lasted for more than a year.

According to criminal investigator Marc Chadderdon, these “buyers”—the so-called “ordinary” men who drive the demand for sex with children—represent a cross-section of American society. They range in age, race, socioeconomic background, and occupation, and include law enforcement officers, teachers, corrections workers, pastors, and other professionals.

Another aspect of the issue is that police in the United States has evolved into both predators and pimps as a result of widespread corruption, violence, sexual misbehavior, and drug usage among the ranks of law enforcement. According to a story published in the Philadelphia Inquirer, “Hundreds of police officers around the nation have changed from protectors to predators, using the power of their badge to extort sex.”

Young women are especially susceptible to sexual assault at the hands of these criminals dressed in blue.

According to figures provided by a retired police officer named Phil Stinson, around fifty percent of the victims of sexual assaults committed by police officers are under the age of eighteen. Nationwide research indicated that adolescents were engaged in forty percent of sexual misconduct allegations made against police officers, as reported by The Washington Post.

For instance, in the state of California, a police sergeant who had been on the job for 16 years was arrested for raping a 16-year-old girl who was being kept hostage and sold for sex at a house located in an affluent area. The girl had been held captive in the residence for the purpose of sex.

A Pennsylvania police chief and his buddy have been arrested on charges of allegedly raping a young girl hundreds of times over the period of seven years, beginning when the child was just four years old. The alleged rapes took place orally, vaginally, and several times a week anally.

Two officers with the New York Police Department are being accused of taking a teenage girl into custody, handcuffing her, and driving her in an unmarked van to a nearby parking lot. Once there, they are alleged to have raped the girl and made her perform oral sex on them before releasing her on a nearby street corner.

According to an article published in The New York Times, “a sheriff’s deputy in San Antonio was charged with sexually assaulting the 4-year-old daughter of an undocumented Guatemalan woman and threatening to have her deported if she reported the abuse.” The victim’s mother was in the United States illegally and did not have proper documentation.

And then there are major national sports events like the Super Bowl, when sex traffickers have been captured selling juveniles (some of them as young as 9 years old), including some as young as 9 years old. Whether or not the Super Bowl is a “windfall” for sex traffickers, as some people claim, it is still a lucrative source of income for the child sex trafficking industry and a draw for those who are willing to pay to rape young children. This is because the Super Bowl is broadcast on national television.

Lastly, as I demonstrated in a previous piece, society is preparing these young people to be targeted by sexual predators by making them more vulnerable in general.

The advent of social media has made everything much too simple. According to the reporting of one news organization, “Finding females is simple for pimps. They visit… many social networking sites. They go to shopping centers, secondary schools, and elementary schools with their aides. They go to the bus stations and pick them up. On the moving cart. There are instances when recruiting from inside the female population takes place. Additionally, foster homes and child shelters have become top targets for those who traffic in people.

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