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Bill Gates toured Australia in his luxurious private plane that cost $70 million

Bill Gates, a billionaire who is presently touring Australia in his luxurious private plane that cost $70 million, is giving speeches to Australians about how climate change is affecting the world.

SURE, you can.

The founder of Microsoft is attempting to generate interest for his Groundbreaking Energy saving plan by telling investors, “The reason why changing climate is worth investing in, is that it will continue to worsen over time.” In other words, he is trying to convince investors that climate change is an issue that warrants the massive investment.

However, the possibility of a global disaster does not seem to be enough to convince Gates to modify his own behavior, since he consumes over 1,700 gallons of gasoline every hour while traveling around in his $70 million Gulfstream and engaging in other hedonistic activities.

Before utilizing the fuel-guzzling mode of transportation to fly to Melbourne for a visit with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, the billionaire spent some time sunbathing on Lizard Island (how fitting) on Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef. The meeting was scheduled to take place in Sydney.

There are no fewer than 4 private planes that Gates owns, and the total cost of all of them is 194 million dollars.

The customary alarmist language from Gates was there, in which he said that global warming caused by humans would result in “all kinds of natural ecosystems disappearing” and “all sorts of locations in the globe you can’t conduct outdoor work.”

Attendees at an event that was held by a think tank called the Lowy Institute heard Gates say to them, “The terrible impacts of climate change are not yet bearing the negative repercussions of a disease as malaria, which kills 400,00 children every year.”

The globalist and philanthropist added, “The idea is to minimize the warming as far as possible,” but Mr. Gates himself won’t be helping to that goal since he flies his OWN private Fuel guzzler jet.

It’s very much a case of “do as I say, not as I do,” especially since Bill Gates admitted in his book How and where to Avoid Climate Catastrophe that he was a complete hypocrite. This book was published in 2021.

He wrote, “I am aware that I am an imperfect emissary on climate change,” and added, “I own big houses as well as fly in private jets – and in fact, I did take one to Paris for the climate summit, so who am I to lecture anybody on the environment?” He was referring to the fact that he took a private plane to Paris for the climate conference.

“I now enter a guilty plea to each of the three accusations. I cannot hide the fact that I am a wealthy man with an opinion. However, I do feel that it is a well-informed perspective, and I am always looking for opportunities to learn more.

It would seem that “learning more” refers to continuing to browbeat you about your environmental footprint while Bill Gates emits one that is equivalent to that of a small nation.

Once again, the actions of Mr. Gates demonstrate how mega-rich climate change evangelists do not truly believe their bogus propaganda that increasing CO2 levels will cause catastrophic climate change.

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