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Overweight Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin

Morbidly overweight, triple-vaxxed Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who contracted covid previously this month, regardless of being “BOOSTED” and needed to call in SICK, fired another 45 Marines. and 2 Navy sailors today in the name of “fight preparedness.”

“The number of Fighting men and women who have actually been booted for not getting a vaccine is now at 334.”

“The Navy let go 22 sailors up until now for vaccine rejection, all of whom are in their first 180 days of service,” USNI News reported.

Lots of these service members who have been fired have natural resistance or natural immunity, however, they’re being given the boot since they reject the shot, which is viewed as a proxy for dissident political views.

Troops who are risking their lives in frontline battle are not combat-ready because they may catch what’s now a fairly moderate cold is simply laughable.

It’s a lot more humorous since it is originating from a morbidly overweight, triple-vaxxed clown who walks around totally masked up with a faceguard on, yet still catches covid, and needed to stay at home, ill, last month.

I assure you, every last service member who was fired is more “fight prepared” than the corrupt sack of lard who fired them will ever be.

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