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Ukrainian President Rented His Luxurious Home To Russians

According to a story in the Italian magazine Il Tirreno published on Tuesday, the Ukrainian President reportedly rented out his luxurious home in beautiful Tuscany to Russian nationals for the entire month of August.

In the meantime, Zelensky has demanded that the leaders of the EU refuse visas to anyone traveling to and from Russia.

According to the local paper, a Russian couple living in London has paid the exorbitant amount of €50,000, (about $50,237 at the current exchange rate) to rent the property for the August period. According to the article, Zelensky paid 4 million euros for the home, which is situated in the beach community of Forte Dei Marmi. At the time, the Ukrainian commander was working in the entertainment industry.

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According to Il Tirreno, the duo’s posts on social media proved they were vacationing on Zelensky’s estate. This photo was posted by the couple.

Another Italian daily, Corriere Della Serra, got in touch with the real estate agent managing the apartment, and the agent responded to their inquiry by saying, “The tenants weren’t Russian, but I can’t say more since privacy prevents me.” On the other hand, the newspaper stated that although the occupants are presumably of Russian descent, they have been living in England for a very long time and may even be English citizens.

The secret negotiations conducted by Zelensky are exposed by German media.

Since Russian forces first entered Ukraine last February, Zelensky has been advocating for the European Union to refuse visas to anybody traveling from Russia. Earlier in the month, he gave an interview to the Washington Post in which he recommended that Russian people “live in their world till they change their worldview.”

In March, Zelensky made a direct appeal to the authorities of Italy to “block all [Russian] property, account holders, as well as yachts, from Scheherazade to the smallest.” He was making reference to a 140-meter (460 ft) mega yacht that was reportedly docked somewhere at the Italian harbor of Marina di Carrara and believed to belong to a rich and powerful Russian.

Since the beginning of Moscow’s military action, all airlines between the European Union and Moscow have been grounded, and then on Wednesday, the EU terminated a bilateral visa liberalization agreement with Moscow. While the travel ban does not completely prohibit it, the suspension will result in fewer new EU visas being made available to Russian citizens.

The Ukrainian leader and members of his innermost circle are rumored to have an incredible array of offshore homes and assets, which includes a number of opulent properties in the city of London. This is in addition to the Tuscan villa that Zelensky owns.

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