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Is Your SANITY In Danger From Mainstream News?

Mainstream News Is Taking away our Sanity

So, Is your Freedom or sanity in danger from mainstream news? The answer to the title is, Yes, they are, well at least according to the majority as of today.

All these “advancements” are like living in a bad dream. The Combustion engine made us much lazier, fast food made us fatter, and the TV screens right now do the thinking for us. correct me if you think I’m wrong on this so far, OK? Let’s continue, shall we?


The United States is Breaking

Politics and Political leaders are without a doubt corrupt, and many are starting to realize it.

Violence is inappropriate UNLESS a government proclaims war, then it’s time to get the bunting out. I don’t know the number of times I’ve listened to people say “if they just won the lottery they ‘d move to the countryside”. Why is that?

I think that it’s because free-range chickens are definitely healthier and even happier than the substandard sods in this political blender going round and round.


Here is How Liberty Tumbles and Tyranny Thrives

We’re natural beings and nature is a lot better for all of us.

Screw all that speeding up progress. Vote Independent, assuming that you can ever find a political candidate that’s NOT on the take.

Take a quick look at this video if you have time, it might turn on a light in that blender.

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