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You Aren’t That Interesting They Say

You are not That Interesting

Doubters are fast to reject personal privacy worries as paranoid. “You aren’t that interesting,” these experts frequently claim. Perhaps it’s wishful thinking.

Let’s say that normal folks were never this interesting, then, Facebook,, Twitter, Microsoft, Zoom, plenty of 3rd party information brokers, and even the intelligence organizations that indulge in backdoor access to your personal information would not be vacuuming up the specifics of our daily lives.

OK, let us suppose that these organizations were just trying to improve their product lines, then they should not pretend that they weren’t snooping – merely to get caught over and over again.

Handling the Forced CV 1 Niner Tyranny

It’s not that they need to know every little thing about us. At least, people better hope not. Instead, it’s the worth of our information in the aggregate that attracts all of them.

“Assuming that artificial intelligence is the all-new electricity, big data is the fuel oil that powers the electrical generators,” Kai-Fu Lee said in his 2018 book “artificial intelligence Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order.”

Maggots of the First Order

The Chinese technology chief executive officer is quite delighted to dig that oil out of our souls. He also said that “this civilizational switch into technocracy is definitely “unavoidable.” He’s not alone.

The more details which companies, state and federal governments, workplaces, or perhaps even stalkers collect on our routines, the more effortlessly these people think they can mold or manipulate our thought and feelings, and even behavior. To the degree that artificial intelligence devices are able to process that flooding of information, there’s absolutely no limit of power a person might possess over any population or people.

Is Joe Biden’s Mandate a Bluff to Pressure Americans to Take the Shot?

Under mass surveyance, we are actually all Britney Spears, except we are able to turn our bugs off – at least for now.

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