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Amnesty – Forget about Covid as if it NEVER Happened

Forget about Covid - Amnesty

There are just a few days left before the midterm elections, and The Atlantic would want you to forget about covid as if it had never occurred.

Emily Oster, a contributor to The Atlantic, believes that people should forget and forgive all about the 3 years of tyrannical rule that was perpetrated on them in the same name of public wellbeing rather than electing representatives or groups that want to take some action against individuals who locked up the world and compelled people to wear masks or take experimental “vaccines.” Oster believes that people should do this rather than vote for candidates or factions that want to take some action toward those who trapped down the entire world and forced individuals to take experimental “Jabs.”

On Twitter, where Oster has a significant following, her puff article about turning the other cheek was not well welcomed and was subjected to a barrage of abuse. Oster was instructed by Jesse Kelly, host of the “Jessy Kelly Show,” to “take the”covid amnesty” notions and “shove ’em away,” and Jesse Kelly further added that she should simply shut her mouth.

Kelly continued by saying, “There must be a reckoning.” “I am not going to give up on it. I will not coexist happily with those who have allowed their anxiety to reduce them to the level of a lower species. (Related: In the 1950s, an editorial in favor of eugenics was published in The Atlantic, in which the author called for a pure human race devoid of infirmities and other so-called “defects.”)

In addition to saying “Hell no,” the Libs in TikTok accounts also added that “We the People will “never forget” what took place in response to Oster’s article. Because of laws for “social separation,” thousands of people’s lives have been ruined as a result of the closing of schools and businesses, and patients have been forced to suffer alone in hospitals.

While this was going on, nurses from all over the globe could be seen dancing on TikTok while these patients perished alone. Well, at least the nurses who volunteered to become “vaccinated” for the Fauci Flu could be seen doing so un jabbed nurses were fired and were thus unable to participate in dancing TikTok videos.

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