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Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the (NIAID) for the last 38 years, and primary medical advisor to the White House announced his resignation on August 22.

It would seem Fauci is trying to leave office before the incoming Republican congressmen and women get control of the house.

Perhaps he believes that if Republicans decide to probe his involvement in the epidemic, he can just plead the Fifth Amendment as a private man and never have to account for anything he did while in public service.

Among Fauci’s many transgressions are the catastrophic and inconsistent COVID-19 rules, the sponsorship of prohibited gain-of-function research in Wuhan, China, the conspiracy to damage the names of scientists who asked for targeted protection rather than lockdowns, and the lying to Congress.

The way in which he handled the HIV pandemic was one of the worst scars on Fauci’s resume. After realizing the dangers of repurposed medications, Fauci focused on the lethal drug AZT, which is responsible for the deaths of an estimated 300,000 AIDS patients sources claimed.

In the midst of the outbreak, he repeated the same mistakes.

Since the first signs of the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, Fauci has done all in his power to serve the goal of the technocratic, utopian cabal by confusing the public and stripping them of human and civic rights.

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